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How to send an attachment in Hotmail

 At the top of your e-mail form, type in the name of the recipient in the To bar.   In the subject bar type in a  title for your message and in the large blank area type your message. To attach a file to the message, click the Attach File to Message button - on the toolbar (just below the menu bar).

Browse to locate the file you wish to attach -   look in the 'My Documents' folder, and when you have located the file you need, click Open. The File name now appears in the Attach bar. Click on the SEND button and your e-mail, with attachment, wings its way over the Internet to its destinatio

VISTA USERS please note:  Do NOT send as an attachment any document that you have not first converted to compatibility mode. When saving a document, click the Office button. Aim the pointer at Save As and select Word 97-2003 document from the panel that appears. This simple step ensures that any document saved in this way will allow the recipient of your e-mail attachment to open and read it. 



On one of the Computer Club outings - Peter is shown here standing inside the Falkirk Wheel (where ordinary mortals cannot usually go).

See the BBC site for Absolute Beginners also the BBC website for Ask Bruce  - lots of information about latest technology topics.