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Google Docs and Google Mail
E-mail and surfing the internet are useful topics for starting to learn about computers. Googlemail is free, the add-ons to Google are interesting and you will have plenty of storage space for all your e-mails.
Google Docs
Google Docs is a free-to-use Word Processor. If you have recently  purchased a laptop you may have found that it is "Internet-ready" meaning you will now have access to the World Wide Web, Media, and e-mailing and perhaps that's all you need initially, but what happens when you want to write a letter or create a poster for your Club or hobby? That's when Google comes into your life - if you sign up for Googlemail you can access its free, easy-to-use word processor.
Come and join the 3Ls Computer Club for help - membership is only 3 per annum and the club is open to members of the 3Ls Student association and to anyone who has previously participated in one of the courses run throughout the year by the Senior Studies Institute. So come along to the computer lab in Room 776 (open every Friday afternoon 1.00 - approx.3.30 pm during term time but you decide the best time for you to come in. Usually starting first Friday in October).


Digital Art has now arrived.
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