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VISTA and Word 2007

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Hi, I'm Jean

Sometimes members (and others) request advice on how to use WORD 2007.  Although it has been available for a few years now it is usually from new Laptop owners that we get questions about what's what in VISTA.
I have included a link here to a small document which may help with trying to solve any problems you may have initially.
You will require to navigate thru' to my SkyDrive collection of files and download from there - it's only 3 pages long initially, so it shouldn't take too long to download.  Here is the link to a quick look at VISTA Basics. Click on the word Vista, to start the process.
Then click the icon and on the next screen continue by clicking the OPEN button to download the file.


 E-mail if you have any problems: jean.mssn@googlemail.com