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WORKS is a basic wordprocessing program that also covers simple database and spreadsheets. Some of its functions therefore are easier to operate for new users and the Wizard components can be fun. It has often been packaged in the past with  newly purchased computers instead of Microsoft Office.
see link here

see link here

When you want to create a new document or if you can’t find a task in the WORKS Launcher that you need, you can create a blank document.  This type of document is not preformatted with text and pictures like templates and wizards.
To find the WORKS program - Click the START button and then All Programs or click on SEARCH. Look for Microsoft WORKS then Task Launcher and click on Programs.


Click the module required.e.g. WORKS word processor shown in the green column. Click on "START a blank word processor document".


The same process is used for starting Works Database and Works Spreadsheets.


Using templates and wizards we can also create a variety of professional-quality documents e.g. brochures, flyers and invitations, to name only a few.


If you select a wizard instead, you will see a dialog that asks you to input the relevant information about the event.  Alternatively, click in the Search Box in the Tasks Launcher and type in a description of what you want to find e.g. “Birthday Card”  and choose from the listing that appears on-screen.


To create a new blank document:


On the File menu, click New. 

WORKS will display a list of word processor tasks.

Click on "Start a blank word processor document".