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Summary 3Ls Computer Club
compiled by Eric Sutherland,
Computer Club President
2009 - 2010
Eric passed away peacefully on 11th January 2010
after a long battle with cancer

Eric Sutherland

From July, 1999, the SSI Computer Buddy Project has provided one-to-one help to beginners. Some of the helpers became Club members in the year 2000, the first club meeting being held in September 2000 in the Graham Hills Building, 40 George Street, Glasgow.
Membership of the Club requires annual membership of the 3Ls Student Association, and all prospective members should have enrolled on one of the courses run by the Senior Studies Institute.
Val Bissland is keen to stress the importance of keeping the brain active in old age - see one of the pages which relates to that topic by clicking this link


View of our Computer Club lab
Committee Members
Club President and Club website - Jean Masson
Vice President and 3Ls webpage - Carole Glasgow
Minutes Secretary - Jean Walker
Treasurer - Alan Ramsay
Members - Edith MacIntosh, Betty Chalmers