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Need a little help?



Finding Picasa

On Google’s menu bar click on More – a dropdown menu appears on which Even More should be clicked



Click on the Underlined word ‘Picasa’ which takes you to a new page where you will be invited to share your photos with friends by simply downloading Picasa and trying out lots of useful tips for sharing photos with friends and family. 

General  Tips

JUMP in – Windows7  -  Make use of the HELP menu – lots of new features in there, e.g  the Jump feature:-

Click on the Start menu or on the Windows key to see that programs now have an arrow pointing to the right. Click on the file name to open it. Hover the mouse over a File’s arrow and its jump list will fly out. Some jump lists have shortcuts to common parts of Windows 7 which save lots of time.

The Start menu is dynamic meaning it changes according to how you use it. The contents are based on your most-used programs.  It’s possible to pin some programs in place so they don’t move. Right click an item and click ‘PIN to start menu’ to keep it in the menu.