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Finding your way around the menu bar

Some buttons are easily spotted e.g. Bold, Italic and Underline are in the FONT group. Buttons with a drop down arrow lead to more options. Some groups have a dialog box beside the group name e.g. FONT which displays the Font dialog box and there are other basic tabs such as Insert, Page Layout and Review.

HELP topics are also available by clicking the HELP button at upper right of the window or pressing the F1 key. Type PRINT in the search box to view that topic then click the BACK button to return to the previous screen.

SAVING a document if your document has not been saved a warning will appear reminding you to SAVE the document before closing. It is not necessary to press the ENTER key at the end of each line as WordWrap continues the text on the next line automatically.

The SHIFT key should be used to enter a capital letter. CAPS LOCK should be used when typing a block of text in Block but remember to press the Caps Lock key when you finish typing.

Saving a new document should be done if you intend using the document again - SAVE is used when updating changes to the text of a file which has already been saved. If saving for the first time, SAVE AS should be used.

Print Screen key - Find it on your keyboard on the top row at the right-hand end, sometimes it's abbreviated to PrtScn. If you find something interesting on your screen that you would like to send to a friend, press Shift + Print Screen and then open a blank document or e-mail and paste by using Control+V. Useful for copying maps or photos.

Try out these hints if you haven't come across them already.